3 Leading Benefits Of Portable Vape Pod Over Regular Cigarettes

When someone wants to switch brands or check out alternatives, they need to see the benefits of the new approach. Likewise, the e-cigarettes are also no different.

Many, if not the huge majority of those switching to e-cigarettes such as portable vape pod are current smokers. Now, the chances are you are one of them, right?

Are you too looking for alternatives but wish to understand the benefits of switching the present brand?

Well, the e-cigarettes are indeed a good alternative to regular cigarettes. These are a suitable alternative for most people due to the benefits these have over smoking.

Let us take a closer look at the five of the leading benefits of vape pods over regular cigarettes.

Reason #1 Portable Vape Pods Don’t Have Distinct Odor

The scent from cigarette smoke gets into, as well as clings, to just about anything it comes in touch with- your car, your clothes, your hair-everything.

Not only does that odor cling, most consider cigarette smell quite offensive and avoid close contact, too. If you have been a smoker you know about this.

While the portable vape pod is a boon in disguise. There is no smell at all and no one would you vaped even after vaping the entire day. Yes, isn’t that amazing?

These don’t have any ominous odor since instead of inhaling smoke, you are inhaling the vapor that evaporates rapidly. Even if you get a light smell that would be of the e-juice flavor. So, no complaints! (wink)


Reason #2 Portable Vape Pod Is Affordable Than Regular Cigarettes

If you are a smoker, you can surely relate to this point. A good quality pack of regular cigarettes would cost you a lot now, depending on the state you live in.

Owing to the rising price of tobacco and even distribution(fuel), many smokers spend a lot in buying these. However, vape pods are light on the pockets.

Moreover, when you buy portable vape pod such as STIG, there is no need of buying e-juices. These are disposable. So, you can use as it lasts and throw off.


Reason #3 Vape Pod Are A Lot Safer

The vape pods are a boon for smokers as well as vapers. These contain that turns into vapor and it is what you inhale.

In the case of smoking, you inhale the smoke that affects your health. It results in lungs and heart problems, too.

Since there is no need of charging or refilling, taking a puff would suffice your nicotine need, well.

So, what do you feel about regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes? Share with us.